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Chicago Airline Crashpad F.A.Q.

Everything You Need to Know

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  • What is a crashpad?

    • A crashpad is a short-term housing solution for airline professionals, typically used during layovers between flights.

  • How does crashpad management work?

    • We take care of everything, from property maintenance to guest services, ensuring a hassle-free experience for airline crew.

  • Where are your crashpads located in Chicago?

    • Our crashpads are strategically located near Chicago's major airports, providing convenient access for airline crew.

  • How do I book a crashpad for my layover?

    • You can easily book our crashpad through our website. Select your preferred dates to check availability and make a reservation or schedule a no-committment showing online at your convenience.

  • Are your crashpads furnished?

    • Yes, our crashpad is fully furnished and equipped with essential amenities for your comfort.

  • What is included in the rental fee?

    • The rental fee covers your stay, utilities, Wi-Fi, and access to common areas and facilities.

  • Are there any additional fees or hidden costs?

    • No, we believe in transparent pricing. The rental fee you see is the total cost of your stay.

  • Do you offer long-term rentals?

    • Yes, all our rentals are a minimum of 30 days, however longer stays are possible and common.

  • When is the rent due?

    • Rent is due on either the first or fifteenth of each month, allowing flexibility for our guests.

  • Is there a security deposit required?

    • We may require a security deposit, but it is refundable upon a successful inspection after your stay.

  • Can I extend my stay if needed?

    • Yes, if your crashpad is available, you can extend your stay with prior notice.

  • How often are our crashpads cleaned?

    • We have regular cleaning schedules every two weeks to ensure a clean and comfortable environment for all our guests.

  • Are pets allowed in our crashpad?

    • We may have specific pet-friendly options available on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire for details.

  • What sets our crashpad management service apart from others in Chicago?

    • With 24 years of experience in Chicago real estate, we offer a unique blend of expertise and professionalism, ensuring top-notch service and quality accommodations for airline professionals.

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